Life at Domino is about working with great people to Do more

Our colleagues at Domino embrace challenges, share knowledge and generate new ideas, leveraging the Domino Framework. We encourage everyone to drive and grow their own personal success and to reach their potential, whilst contributing to the overall objectives of the business.


Career Development

We think Domino is a great place to work! With opportunities across Asia, the Americas, Europe, and in our headquarters in Cambridge, UK, we can offer you a challenging and exciting career working with supportive friendly colleagues who are respected as experts in their field. We’re a business large enough to offer career development opportunities yet small enough for your contribution to be readily recognised and rewarded.

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We understand that all careers are unique

Meet some of the team who have developed their careers with Domino


The opportunity to relocate for career progression

Throughout my career, I have worked in many different countries and organisations, but joining Domino was a great step for me. During the recruitment and selection process with the team in India, I immediately felt part of the Domino family and could see the Values and Leadership Behaviours displayed by everyone I met from that first stage. 

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Relocating to Domino Liverpool in the UK for my next step at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, working in a new field (chemical manufacturing) and in a different culture, was tough yet exciting.

I love my role as it gives me the opportunity to focus on process improvements, change management and team engagement, all of which are essential for making Domino a great place to work! 


Rashik Kataria

UK Fluids Operations Director, Liverpool 


Pushing the boundaries with our talent

Starting my career with Domino in 2006 as a field service technician in North America, I took an opportunity to move from technical to commercial in 2012 as an account manager, before landing my dream job as a regional service manager in 2015. Since then, with the support, time and mentorship from key individuals within Domino, my career has grown and I recently progressed into the role of Global Head of Pricing.

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The advice I regularly give to my team when discussing development opportunities is “picture yourself exactly who and where you want to be in the future. Understand what you need to do to get there, and work towards your goals every day. Challenge and stretch yourself, be ready for setbacks and failures, adapt, but stay on course, and it will all be worth it in the end!”  


Erick Jorgensen

Global Head of Pricing, Dubai 


Secondment Success!

When I first joined Domino as a part of the US HR team, I attended a customer experience workshop and was introduced to change management. I immediately saw the value in applying a methodological approach and pursued a formal certificate through an external change management programme.

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I was presented a secondment opportunity to apply my newly acquired skills and I’m so glad I challenged myself in the new role. I was able to build relationships with senior leaders while supporting their change initiatives, work across a global environment, and learn about different cultures.

I took a chance by taking a role that was out of my comfort zone. I saw the change as a fantastic opportunity rather than a risk! I have been supported, coached and mentored during my journey to this role and I hope to continue to diversify my experience and skills and continue to build my career at Domino.


Stephanie Chandler

ERP Project Change Manager, Global Flexible

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