Address & Personalise

For magazine and catalogue mailing requirements, the Domino K600i provides a high speed versatile solution for in-line address and personalisation printing of bound products. The print head can be mounted on a mail-table or at various points in the binder or poly-wrap line for printing addresses and messages on the outside cover, on the poly-wrap, on onserts, as well as in different positions within the book, such as for pre-addressing matched response coupons. The Domino Editor GT data and line controller includes functionality for mail sort, product tracking for matched address printing and for matching with pre-personalised documents, as well as demographic-driven selective feeder control of signatures and inserts.

Game Printing

Printing promotional games can augment a product offering and any related media campaign, facilitating greater reader engagement, often necessitating access to other media types such as websites and social media, therefore allowing a brand to increase reader participation. It is also an added value offering, giving a printer a differentiated product in a competitive market. High speed printing through the Domino K600i printer allows game data, including graphics, alpha-numerics and 2d, including QR, codes to be printed on the highest speed newspaper and magazine presses or in the finishing process. Simpler alpha-numeric print applications can be met with the cost-effective Domino Ax-Series product range. The Domino Editor GT ink jet controller provides easy data set-up and control to the printers for each promotion, with print-done verification and reconciliation reporting for enhanced security.