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SafeGuard & Domino Cloud

Many different factors come together in production and downtime cannot always be avoided. However, Domino attaches particular importance to offering highly available marking and marking systems. That's why we offer various SafeGuard service plans to meet your individual service requirements and budget requirements. From basic packages with included spare parts and on-site hours as well as discounts for technician training, to annual optimization visits, remote support via augment reality app and a 24/7 helpdesk – you decide.

The Domino Cloud is part of SafeGuard service plans and provides comprehensive protection for your primary and secondary coding systems. The cloud helps you maintain your Ax-Series, Gx-Series and Cx350i printers, as well as F-Series and D-Series laser systems, and prevent or resolve problems early with remote diagnostics, event alerts, and remote monitoring. Through the direct information path from your devices via our cloud to the Domino helpdesk, you can use support services much more efficiently and directly, which not least has a positive effect on your running costs.


Machine Vision

Avoidable production scrap and costly product recalls are large and unpredictable cost drivers for companies. But mistakes can happen. Thanks to intelligent camera systems, however, marking errors can be detected at an early stage and production quality maximized in the long term.

With Domino's R-Series machine vision systems, you can inspect 1D barcodes, 2D Data Matrix codes, stacked or combined batch numbers for readability, quality and accuracy to meet international labeling requirements and minimize scrap and product recalls. This ensures that every code that leaves your factory is present and correct, freeing up the operator to focus on more important tasks.


Coding Automation & QuickDesign

With Domino's coding automation and print authoring software, you can quickly design labels and control their distribution across primary, secondary, and tertiary applications.

The QuickDesign automation modules enable plug & play installation, ensure precise data for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and integrate the printers into MES and ERP systems as well as OEM systems using common industrial protocols, such as .dem Weihenstephan Standard (WS).

This allows items to be set up and changed more quickly, while preventing product recalls and post-processing caused by operator errors.


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