An adaptable print and apply system to automate your production line labelling and case marking

Labelling tray of bottles Longer uptime for maximum productivity

Designed with system intelligence to deliver increased production uptime.

M-Series TouchPanel Operator usability at its best

With an intuitive UI, easy navigation, and tool-free consumables changes, the user experience is consummate.

The M230i-T4 and M230i-T6 are designed to be both flexible and adaptable print and apply solutions. Providing a choice of three standard stroke lengths, eight standard non-stick pad sizes, and left or right hand configuration, both are highly-configurable for the case marking needs of today, as well as potential future legislation.

Domino’s Project Engineering team can provide effective installation and line integration to optimise productivity. This latest generation M-Series comes with a quicker magnetic printhead change for increased uptime, as well as increased ribbon and label roll capacity for improved cost of ownership.