Simpler, Faster, Safer

F720i laser by Domino F720i Fibre Laser

Domino’s power concentration achieves high-quality codes on concave surfaces at high-speeds.

Closeup of a can coded with laser Surface integrity

The F720i is perfectly suited for engraving homogeneous dots into aluminium which result in very clear high-quality codes.

Domino understands your needs and has designed a turnkey solution specifically for your beverage production environment: the Beverage Can Coding System. The system includes the industry-leading F720i Fibre Laser.

Now, beverage plants have the opportunity to have perfect traceability codes on every can with almost zero maintenance and no fluids required. The laser is a simple solution, which once running, becomes an almost invisible piece of technology. You will receive a completely documented plug-and-play solution from a single source.