Jollyroom choose Domino to keep up with increasing demand

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Amazing but challenging journey

Since its founding in 2010, Jollyroom has made an amazing journey and is today the largest e-commerce company in the Nordic region for baby and children’s products. From a 85 000 sqm logistics centre placed in Gothenburg, Sweden, where everything is stored, picked, packed and distributed, over 2 million customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Finland are served.

With an average of 65% annual growth, Jollyroom realised that automating the labelling process was a necessary step to take in order to keep pace with the growing demand for their products and services. Up until September 2018 all transport labels, with the address of the receiving consumer, were applied by hand; a time-consuming manual process which tied up personnel and induced the risk of errors due to human factors.

Today, Jollyroom has a fully automated and highly sophisticated logistics centre. All products are picked and packed in boxes carrying a small bar code label with the corresponding order number. Based on the size of the boxes they are automatically sorted between two lines. All larger boxes go to one labelling station and all smaller boxes go to another, both equipped with a standard Domino Print & Apply unit, M230i-T4.

Domino M-Series Label

When entering the labelling station, a scanner identifies the box by the small bar code label on the side. The recipient is identified in SAP and the customer data is sent to the M230i-T4 Print and apply unit. The customer data populates the transport label created in QuickDesign,which is then printed and applied to the box.

The fact that the boxes have different heights is no challenge for the M230i-T4. The applicator simply moves until it detects the box and then applies the label.

The conveyor system carries the boxes for loading on to trucks. A scanner placed above the conveyor, scans each transport label, so that the boxes can be directed to the right truck for distribution in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Finland.


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