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  • By E. Anna Kovács
  • May 31, 2023
  • Digital Printing
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Experience The Domino Difference

We are delighted that since last October we could invite you to our brand new Digital Centre of Excellence in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands.

While designing the centre we kept the following thoughts in mind: customer-, and visitor-friendly atmosphere where you would like to spend hours in; hands-on experience where you can closely learn about our solutions and afterwards take your samples with you; friendly and up-to-date team to overall assist you from a tailor-made demonstration on any of our Digital Printing Solution to what to do and see in the Utrecht region if you're planning to spend longer time with us. 

"Customers can come, they can learn about the products, they can have training, do fantastic demos all under one roof." Julie Cross, Domino DP Technical Director

From The UK to The Netherlands

We have been a long-time advocate of personalised customer experience and we believe the best way to showcase our strength is through our products, our suited Digital Printing solutions and the excellence of the Domino Team

Therefore we are not new to running a customer experience centre. We had our first facility based close to our headquarters in the UK, where we had a more industrial setting. After receiving great feedback from our partners and visitors about the hands-on experience, we have decided to move the centre to The Netherlands to grant easier access to our European partners, customers and visitors.

New name, new address, same values

So the Domino Digital Centre of Excellence was born into a fresh and modern design space where we are still celebrating the industrial setting whilst trying to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere. 

In the new centre we have a much bigger space not just to display our products but to host product trainings, run multiple demonstrations at the same time and host industry-, and customer-specific events.

For you to experience, as we call it, the Domino Difference is what we thrive towards to every day. Ensure that you are well served and serviced at any point of your Domino journey, to turn a first appointment into a long-term and trusted partnership and now with this facility to grant you a space where you and your team can also learn and get trained on our solutions.

Domino Digital Centre of Excellence_customer training_Spectrum Event (900 × 700 px)

Events and Trainings

Besides being a comprehensive and impressive showroom, in the Domino Digital Centre of Excellence, we do offer tailor-made operators training on our Digital Printing solutions, such as the N-series and K-series and the Editor Starlight. These trainings are made to train you and your staff before or after purchasing one of our digital presses. Regardless if you are already familiar with Digital Printing or your Domino press will be the first in this technology, we offer comprehensive and suited training to meet your goals and requirements.

"It's very much focused around the customer's own commercial objectives and how we can help them through our digital solutions programme to achieve those commercial objectives."

Partner and industry specific days

We offer partner or industry specific days in our facility. These occasions are perfect to spend more time with the Domino Team and learn extensively about our solutions and tailor-made options.

If you and your team would like to participate in such visit or event, we highly recommend to connect to your local Domino representative or get in touch with us by filling out the contact form at the end of this page. 

Domino Spectrum Event 2022

"The Spectrum Event for us is an opportunity to bring together lots of people in the label industry to talk about what's happening: the trends, latest equipments." Mark Herrtage, DP Commercial & Finance Director
Domino collage - Spectrum Event (900 × 350 px)_reduced.png

Last October we organised the very first European Spectrum Event to open the gates of the Digital Centre of Excellence. This 2-day event was not only a successful house-warming event where we hosted around 150 guests, but also the first edition of the European Spectrum Event series, which we are planning to organise on a bi-yearly basis. Our goal was to bring together the European digital printing industry, generate discussions on current topics and provide exhibition place for our partners and suppliers. 

Read more about our experience of the first day here, and follow-up on the happenings of the second day here.

To get a little taste of the Spectrum Event, watch the after-movie here:


Location and how to get there

"It's an ideal location to have greater accessibility for everybody across Europe and I'm really excited." Jeremy Jones, Domino Global Marketing Director

Nieuwegein is located in the Utrecht region, in the heart of The Netherlands, where the closest big city is Utrecht. This central area makes it easy and convenient to arrive to the Digital Centre of Excellence by car, train or flying in. 

From Amsterdam Airport Schipol:

  • By car or taxi service: 40-60 minutes, depending on the traffic
  • By public transportation: direct InterCity trains to Utrecht Centraal leaving in every 15 minutes and the journey takes 30-35 minutes. From Utrecht Centraal the most efficient way is to take a taxi which takes 15-20 minutes depending on the traffic

From Eindhoven Airport:

  • By car or taxi service: around 50 minutes, depending on the traffic
  • By public transportation: there are several different connections and options that you can take; the journey takes little more than 2 hours depending on the option you choose

From Rotterdam-The Hague Airport:

  • By car or taxi service: around 50 minutes, depending on the traffic
  • By public transportation: there are several different connections and options that you can take; the journey takes around 2 hours 15 minutes, depending on the option you choose


Defensiedok 14, Nieuwegein 3433 KL, The Netherlands

Domino Digital Centre of Excellence_Building outside  (900 × 600 px)_reduced

Get in touch and make your first visit

We are looking forward to welcome you in the Digital Centre of Excellence soon. To make an appointment, please get in touch with your local Domino representatives or fill out the contact form down below.

We hope to see you soon in Nieuwegein!

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