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  • September 30, 2020
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It’s our people that have empowered us to become a world leader in printing. In the next instalment of a new series that lifts the curtain on the people behind our printers – and what makes them special – we sit down with Domino’s OEM Sales Manager, Steve Herbert.

Please introduce yourself! What is your role within Domino?

My name is Steve Herbert, I’m one of Domino’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Account Managers and I cover the South of the UK. In my role, I’m responsible for supporting machine builders to ensure we meet all their coding and marking needs.

For me, it’s important to be able to use the years of knowledge in coding and marking I’ve gained working at Domino to support our customers. I find this very rewarding.

How long have you been at Domino? How has your role changed over the years?

I came to Domino from a technical background at the start of 2001, where I worked on the road as a Field Service Engineer, supporting customers and completing installations. After three years, I moved away from service and became Domino’s first Project Manager, responsible for all laser installations within the UK. This new role offered me a positive new challenge to progress and learn new skill sets.

The Domino product range grew, and so did the project team and my responsibilities. I moved away from focusing solely on lasers to working with our complete product range—coders and software. I moved into the Global Pharmaceutical sector as a Technical Program Manager, and I received some amazing support from Domino, which developed me both personally and professionally. In 2017, with Domino’s support and extensive training, I moved into a brand-new sector within the company—Digital Print—and I project managed all our Digital Press (N610i) installations.

Now I’m back full circle in the UK channel, re-joining at the start of 2020. After many years working as a Project Manager, the time felt right to follow a different path, a change of roles. At Domino, this is possible, and I’m now working in our commercial team directly with our OEM customers.

What do you most enjoy about working at Domino?

There are several reasons why I enjoy working at Domino. It’s been said before, and it will be said again I’m sure, but for me, it is the people. Like-minded people, working across different fields, all working hard to deliver their best.

You’re also never alone if you need help or support. With so many long-serving employees, there are hundreds of collective years of experience. Finally, the opportunity to grow is there if you want to progress your career, learn new skills or work in different countries. It’s all possible with Domino.

Could you pinpoint a standout moment in your Domino journey that’s led to where you are today?

I’ve touched on this already but, for me, it was the period I was working in the global team. The skills and personal development I gained working on this project, with new teams, new people in different companies and countries was invaluable. I grew in confidence and knowledge, which I’m sure was a positive turning point for me personally, and it opened new doors for me at Domino, enabling me to follow a new career path.

Why do you think customers choose Domino?

We have a strong product range; we listen and take time to ensure we propose the correct solution that fits our customers’ requirements. I think it’s through this process that customers see we really care about them and are responsible to their needs. Our teams work hard to ensure that every sale and every project is a success. Domino is built on exceptional solutions expertise, for sure, but it’s the people in the business that make Domino a great place to work, and I’m sure our customers see this also, leading them to choose Domino.

A simple ethos. But it works.

People first: it’s an internal ethos that’s etched into Domino’s values. It’s about recognising that every person, at every level, has the opportunity to nurture their career and shape the future of the company. That results in energised employees who are excited to provide great service.

Stay tuned for the next blog post in the Behind Our Printers series as we introduce you to some of the people who make Domino a world leader in commercial printing. Or if you would like to know more about working within Domino, visit our careers area.

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