New printing ink, new coding possibilities for manufacturers

  • By Domino Printech
  • June 23, 2015
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When it comes to printing technology, innovation must be relentless

There are two pressures that drive new coding and printing technology:

  • The need for production line efficiency
  • Regulatory and legislative compliance

Manufacturers - quite rightly - are constantly looking for ways to keep their production line as efficient as possible, whether that’s through cutting costs, trimming downtime or boosting output speed.

The second thing driving new technology is compliance. It doesn’t matter what the industry is, legislation and regulation is ever-evolving. You only need look to the pharmaceutical industry for evidence. The legislative shift from batch-level to item-level serialisation of pharmaceutical products is perhaps the biggest regulatory shift the industry has ever seen. That drives the adoption of new technologies - as well as the creation of more.

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Sometimes something small sparks a sea change

“What’s the next big thing?” It’s a common question in every industry. But when it comes to printing and coding technology, sometimes it’s not the next innovative new printer that disrupts the industry and shakes things up for the better - but something smaller.

Here at Domino we have just released a brand new ink for thermal Inkjet printers. It’s called BK118. And it makes it easier than ever before to code onto challenging materials like plastics, films, foils and coated cartons. At speed. Code quality, high contrast and ink adhesion makes it great for coding onto wrappers, sachets and flexible films.

Boost TIJ efficiency

BK118 is great for efficiency. Combined with G-Series TIJ printers it makes it easy to code onto non-porous primary packaging and glossy outer case packaging - simultaneously. It’s all due to the fact that G-Series printers can run up to four heads from a single controller. So one head can print onto primary packaging, while another gets to work on outer case packaging.

And like all of our inks, BK118 surpasses all industry regulations.

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