Printing solutions for LCD/OLED screens

Learn how Domino can help you overcome the challenges of printing on LCD/OLED screens for track and trace purposes

The coding quality of individual LCD and OLED components needs to reflect the high standards expected of finished products. Whether you are a contract supplier of polariser films for displays, or a producer of LCD/OLED-embedded products, you can trust Domino to deliver the high-quality codes expected, and required, in LCD coding. Our continuous inkjet printers have a range of halogen and heavy-metal free inks that can resist ethanol wiping, and come in industry-standard red and blue colour tones, providing an ideal solution for LCD/OLED coding.

Domino’s range of continuous inkjet printers can create accurate, durable text, graphics, and 2D Data Matrix codes on many surfaces. Domino’s printers are designed to be as economical, reliable, and flexible as possible. The high-performance printheads make sure you get the most out of each cartridge of our specially-produced ink – which comes in a variety of colours for maximum contrast on all substrates. The compact size of Domino’s Ax-Series and clever modular design allow for seamless integration into your existing production line, saving you time and money during initial installation.

For a complete coding solution, you can combine a Domino inkjet printer with our advanced package labelling technology, ensuring the same performance and quality across your production and packaging lines.