Printing on plastic components

Domino’s high-quality and high-performing coding solutions allow you to code with confidence

It is important to make sure that every component is coded so that the end-user is reassured that it is legislation compliant.

A Domino printer can mark plastic components with accurate, durable text, graphics, and codes, while also offering value and cost-effectiveness. Our continuous and thermal Inkjet printers use substrate-specific inks, which come in a range of colours for maximum contrast and stand up to harsh post-print processes. Our fibre Laser coders also offer maximum contrast and high-definition printing on a variety of substrates. All three options are designed to minimise maintenance requirements and consumables use – offering excellent long-term value.

Domino printers are also easy to integrate into production environments. The compact footprint and modular, stackable design mean your coding and marking solution can be scaled up and down to meet changing requirements and integrate seamlessly within your existing production line processes.

Combine a Domino printing solution with our similarly impressive package labelling technology to create a bespoke coding solution that helps you code from product to pallet.