Printing on plugs and sockets

Accurate, durable product coding solutions that help minimise maintenance and maximise production uptime.

Working with electricity involves safety considerations, which is why all electrical components must be coded. Accurate coding ensures components are legislation compliant and provide the end-user with the information they need.

Domino can help you adhere to industry standards while remaining flexible to changing production requirements. Our inkjet printers and laser coders are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for integration into your existing processes with limited disruption, ensuring you get the most out of your chosen solution. The compact footprint and modular, stackable design mean your coding and marking solution can be scaled up and down to meet your changing requirements.

Flexibility does not have to come at the expense of performance or quality. The high-performance printheads on our inkjet printers get the most out of each cartridge of specially-designed, substrate-specific ink, reducing ink changes while creating durable, accurate text, graphics, and 2D codes that stand up to harsh standard post-print processes. Equally, Domino’s laser solutions provide high-performance, low-maintenance coding, resulting in maximum uptime without compromising on quality or value. Our range of CO2 and fibre Laser solutions offer options for consumable free coding on a wide range of substrates, with precision print heads that can be adjusted to match specific material requirements.

Performance, flexibility, and quality characterise Domino products, wherever they sit on the production line. Combine any of our inkjet printers or laser coders with our labelling technology for a complete product-coding solution.