Traceable codes on film using Laser? Let Domino North America's expertise show you how

  • By Jon Hall
  • November 08, 2021
  • Food
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Flexible packaging films represent some of the fastest growing packaging types globally. Representing approximately 20% of all packaging in North America, flexible packaging has gained popularity thanks to its excellent shelf appeal, consumer convenience, and its lower transportation costs due to its extremely low weight. 

However, some of the same characteristics which make the film a great packaging material can also create real challenges with traceability coding. Customers tell us that missing and/or unreadable codes are an all too often occurrence with their flexible film packages.

Historically flexible films utilized either ink jet, hot melt ink or TTO for their coding needs.  However, what we found is that these technologies, as it relates to flexible packaging, are rife with issues related to poor code quality, inaccurate codes being used, lack of adhesion, and smearing. 

These traditional coding technologies can result in scrapped product and lost production time which is completely unacceptable for customer operations which are literally being evaluated for efficiency by the minute.

Enter laser coding for film, perfected by Domino North America.



Why use Laser Coders?

Laser etching technology has been proven and well established in production operations all over the world. Many times flexible film users are already using lasers in other parts of their operations.

So, it is natural that they would want these same laser advantages in their film-based operations. These advantages include…

  • A Permanent code
  • Pre-print Code Quality
  • No consumables
  • Low operating expenses
  • Clean, no solvents
  • Sustainable, (GREEN) technology by definition
  • Increased Reliability / Uptime.

Why entrust Domino with this unique application of laser on film?

Domino North America has optimized this expertise, backed by decades of understanding supported by Material Science. The need for this application was first brought to us by a key brand in the confectionery market who shared their frustration with the results of traditional flexible film coding technologies. The end result has been truly a “Customer-Driven” application, now available to benefit other companies with similar applications.

Coding flexible films with lasers requires a new approach, some new tools, and the development of new understanding and new application expertise. Flexible films are a complex substrate, requiring a variety of wavelengths, optics, & special energy delivery techniques.

So we know it works. We have the understanding beyond the code. Let's talk! Domino can also work directly with your flexible film supplier to advise on how to help make your film more laser friendly.

Explore your options and take advantage of the many benefits of laser coding on film. If you want to learn more about laser coding, you can read the rest of my blogs. As one of the many laser coding and marking experts, I can help you optimize your operation.

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