Printing on Building Glass

Achieve clear codes on building glass with Domino CO2 laser coders. For toughened glass marking, our D-Series laser markers is a popular choice among manufacturers.

Glass can be a tricky substrate for ink, especially with the wet processes involved in manufacturing. But an etched mark is permanent and unaffected by processes such as toughening. So for toughened glass marking, a printer from our D-Series range of laser markers is a popular choice among manufacturers.

Once installed and calibrated, our industrial laser printers are capable of working at high speed, on varied shapes and sizes of glass, and can accommodate a wide range of characters and print orientations to ensure that logos, production data and QC codes. Currently, Domino D-Series lasers are used to print industry standards such as BSI kitemarks and other regional and international quality codes.

Domino laser specialists have vast experience in integrating our systems to fully automated, horizontal or vertical arising processes. The IP65 version design adds greater protection for harsh environment installations.

Domino's project engineers also design custom, specialist equipment to suit the varying demands and sizes of glass manufacturers. For example, a special mobile glass coding table system has proved popular as direct replacement for using ‘stickers’ or the ‘sand blasting’ method prior to the toughening process. It is height adjustable and can be placed at the side of existing float or roller breakout tables. Should you have special requirements, it is worth making an enquiry to see what may be engineered.

Similarly, software plays an important role in glass production. Domino offers specialist software that facilitates traceability during and post glass production. The software dynamically interfaces between your order entry / optimization software and the Domino D-Series laser.

This enables multiple operational benefits including:

  • Dynamic internal track & trace
  • Matches the right batch/sheet to the right frame
  • Domino D-Series laser marker interfaces with machine control PLC
  • Sheet presence signals to Domino laser that the next sheet has reached the marking position
  • The laser provides a ‘data record’ for every sheet / batch processed
  • The laser marks sheet (for example customer name, glass dimensions, rack location)
  • The laser controller supplies ‘marked finished’ signal to PLC, sheet moves into edge processing
  • Tailor-made for your unique production

See how Domino customer Custom Glass use Domino’s flexible D120 laser

Domino’s singular Mobile Glass Coding Table and D120i laser coder have been installed at Custom Glass, one of the leading UK manufacturers in the sector. The company is active in a wide range of markets, including domestic, residential and commercial, and required a flexible solution that was capable of marking glass surfaces of varying shapes and sizes.

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QuickDesign Modules

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