Watch label industry experts discuss the best way to convert digitally printed labels

  • By Domino Printing Sciences
  • December 12, 2019
  • Digital Printing
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Domino is pleased to now share the second video in a series of interesting and informative discussions held earlier this year, where a panel of label industry experts explored the different types of job structure that are best suited to off-line, in-line and full hybrid digital printing. The video can be viewed at:

In this video, senior representatives from seven of the world's leading label converters: Reynders, Skanem, Germark, Olympus Group, Anglia Labels, CS Labels and Dan Labels discuss the dilemma of ‘agility versus productivity and cost minimisation.’ Drawing on their extensive industry knowledge and experience, they explain how they select the best finishing option for different types of jobs that have been digitally printed.

Industry experts discussing the best way to convert digitally printed labels

Philip Easton, Director of Domino Digital printing solutions, says: “The trend for reduced lead times and more SKUs continues, driving down the average length of production runs, as brand owners request more product versions. At the same time, they are looking more closely at ways to reduce waste both for cost and sustainability reasons, and placing greater emphasis on their supply chains to reduce inventory and limit the risk of obsolescence.”

Digital printing plays a large part in this process, but to meet the demands of their customers, label converters must also consider the choice of finishing technology used in terms of automation, productivity and flexibility. Watch this second video and discover how these industry experts determine when to use off-line, in-line or full hybrid printing.”

Don’t miss the third video in the series, which is planned for release in the first quarter of 2020.

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