Domino firmly believes that corporate responsibility is integral to business success, and we are firmly committed to the welfare of our stakeholders including our communities, employees, environment, value chain, and shareholders. Domino expects every member of staff to take individual responsibility for their performance and to work together to achieve these goals.

Our Workplace

Domino endeavours toward best practice in workplace, health and safety, and employment standards.

We aim to employ a workforce reflecting the diversity of our customers and communities in which we operate. Our employment policies, including a commitment to equal opportunity, are designed to attract and retain high-calibre individuals, regardless of age, sex, religion, disability, marital status, race, ethnicity, nationality, or sexual orientation.

We take measures to ensure good working conditions. Employees and Company representatives are expected at all times to act honestly, respectfully, an in accordance with our Ethics Policy in business activities. The Company does not tolerate misconduct or harassment in any form and will diligently investigate and, where necessary, take action against any complaints therein, including those of confidential “whistle-blowers”. It is also Group policy to provide a safe, substance-free workplace and to offer assistance to employees who seek the Group's help in overcoming any dependence or other illness which affects their work. Amongst other generous benefits, flexible working is offered to enable individuals to balance the needs of their personal and work lives. The Health and Safety policy, prepared in accordance with all relevant legislation, aims to safeguard the welfare of all persons who may in any way be affected by Domino’s actions.

Domino believes effective employee engagement is particularly important in achieving our business objectives. We value employees’ opinions and seek to actively consult them in the decision making process and keep them apprised of company news. It is our policy to provide equally to all staff training and career development for growth within the company, and to explore objectively, through performance appraisal, opportunities for employee advancement. By also offering competitive and fair wages based on skills and individual contributions, granting bonus payments for meeting corporate targets, and encouraging participation in the Share Incentive Plan, we continually aim to improve workplace fairness, job satisfaction, and employee effectiveness.