Domino's code of ethics requires compliance with the law of every country in which we do business. Our standards go beyond the legal minimum and require a high level of conduct. Domino's employees are expected to comply with all laws affecting our business, and to act in every respect with honesty, fairness and integrity. The ethical code described should be regarded as more than a set of rules. It is a statement of beliefs that should guide employees' conduct in most situations. You can resolve most ethical questions in your workplace by taking time to consider whether you are acting fairly and honestly towards your fellow employees, the customer, suppliers and general public who rely on our Company. 

Positive Responsibilities

Each Domino employee has an individual responsibility to deal ethically with our customers and suppliers, fellow employees and the general public. All employees are expected to do more than merely avoid unethical conduct. They must also take the initiative and assume positive responsibilities for quality, honesty and fairness. Employees are expected to raise ethical concerns and report any actual or suspected ethical misconduct to their Manager or any Director as appropriate. Honesty also requires that employees refuse to participate either actively or passively in any cover-up of such misconduct. Each employee is expected to co-operate fully in any investigation of ethical matters by Domino. 'Looking the other way' on potential ethical questions is in direct contradiction to Domino's commitment to honesty and integrity and is not acceptable.

Conflicts of Interest

Employees, their spouses and other close family members are expected to avoid outside interests or activities that could be advanced at the expense of Domino's interests. Such involvement may divide an employee's loyalty between Domino and the outside interest and create a potential conflict of interest. Non-Domino business involvement with a competitor, supplier or customer is strictly prohibited. Such interest could affect an employee's objectivity in the promotion of Domino interests. Employees may not work for or provide advice or consulting services to a competitor, supplier or customer. Employees should not run any side business in their free time which will compete with, sell to, or buy from Domino and should avoid any financial investments in competitors, suppliers or customers other than nominal investments in public companies.

Receipt of Gifts

Gifts from suppliers, customers or competitors to Domino employees raise the appearance, if not the reality, of dishonest or unfair dealings. It is Domino's policy that all business decisions be made impartially and fairly, and not on the basis of gratuities offered to employees. No employee, or any of his or her family, may solicit or receive favours, gifts, loans or other benefits (including service and discounts as well as material goods) from any supplier, customer or competitor. The only exception to this policy is that employees may receive reasonable hospitality and gifts (other than money) of nominal value which are customarily offered to others having a similar relationship with the supplier, customer or competitor. Domino employees should exercise good judgement in deciding whether to accept a gifts of nominal value or reasonable hospitality and should resolve all doubts and questions in favour of declining to accept the offer.

Use of Domino Resources

Each of us has a responsibility to use Domino resources, including time, materials, equipment and proprietary information for Domino business purposes only and not for personal benefit. Any such personal use, without proper permission amounts to theft. Domino property, such as shop equipment and tools, office materials and facilities, are not to be used by employees other than for Domino purposes. Use of such property in connection with community or employee social or personal activities may be authorised only by your Manager or a member of the Group Executive Management team.

All employee requests for reimbursement from Domino whether for medical claims, travel expenses or other business-related items must be legitimate, properly documented and in accordance with policy. All employees receive Domino's business and technical information and know-how in trust and are expected to maintain such information in confidence and not disclose or use it other than for Domino business and for Domino benefit. This information includes, for example, names of customers, suppliers, employees, manufacturing processes and equipment, plant layout, engineering drawings, product development plans, information systems, business plans, financial and marketing information and all documents and data which relate to such items. All of Domino's business and technical information and know-how is a part of the value of the Domino Group. Employees are expected actively to protect these assets. Persons who use any of this information for their own personal gain or give or sell this information to outsiders will be dismissed and may be subject to prosecution.