COVID-19 - Continuity of Service and Supply

  • By Domino Printing Sciences
  • May 21, 2020
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Domino Printing Sciences plc is taking every precaution to protect the health and safety of our valued customers, guests and employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. Where possible our staff are working from home. Where not possible and in order to continue to supply our customers, many of which are in key sectors such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical we have implemented a variety of measures to protect our employees consistent with Government advice and as a responsible employer.

Some of these measures include:

  • Supporting our employees to work from home wherever possible, with flexibility to meet with personal demands.
  • Completion of a Covid-19 Risk Assessment
  • For those essential employees whose role requires them to be on site, we have reviewed all working practices to enable social distancing, introduced enhanced cleaning regimes, restricted non-essential services, and communicated reminders of best practice around the site
  • Halting of non-essential travel
  • Introducing procedures for admitting essential visitors to site
  • Engaging regularly with employees on the changes that have been introduced

As the situation is dynamic, we will continue to review and update our procedures as necessary.


COVID-19 - Continuity of Service and Supply

Our primary concern is to protect the health of our employees, their loved ones, and also that of our customers.

We are also focused on ensuring continuity of service and consumable supplies to you.

Faced with the expansion of the Covid-19 pandemic, in recent weeks we have activated our business continuity plan in the event of a crisis. It has evolved with circumstances and the uniqueness of this situation. Today, all of our customer support resources are available to answer your calls and deal with your requests. Telephone calls and electronic communications will be answered as normal.

Below is a summary of various areas we are adapting, and available to you to maximise supply and service for your Domino equipment.

Supply of Consumables

Our Domino consumable factory located in Liverpool will continue production at optimum levels to ensure continued supply for customer orders in the UK.

You can purchase orders quickly and easily on or email or telephone 01954 782056 opt 1. 

Field-based Technical Support

If you need a service engineer to visit your site on the recommendation of our technical support team, we will be prioritising our field resources for business critical calls. This may result in postponing non-urgent activities to ensure our engineers are available to keep your lines running as normal.

Contact us using email or telephone 01954 782828. 

For Digital printing technology users (N-Series press, K-Series, Bitjets for example) please contact 01954 785 583.

Technical Support Team

Domino provides 24/7, 365 telephone support, manned by a team of product specialists. These specialists are standing by to provide extended support so we can resolve issues remotely and provide you with the knowledge they need to maintain expected OEE levels.

Contact us using email or telephone 01954 782828 

For Digital Printing technology users (N-Series press, K-Series, Bitjets for example) please contact 01954 785 583.

Spare Printer Availability

Dependent on availability, we may be in a position to offer units, enabling you to have internal redundancy of your printing equipment in the event of increased productivity.

For general questions or more information on support during these challenging times for everyone, please contact the UK Sales & Service team via or call +44 1954 782 056.

Kind regards,

Luigi Pistilli
General Manager
Domino UK Ltd

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