Modular. Scaleable. Flexible.

EICS 50 Print Stand_HMU_PGU EICS 50 or EICS 250 Print Stand

Ideal for space-constrained production lines, complete with our state-of-the-art guidance system to provide seamless product handling.

EICS Control Rack Lit with print Stand and Safety EICS Control Rack Lite with EICS Print Stand

A compact, fully equipped and safety compliant pre-treatment solution from one single source. Modular and adaptable to different line installation requirements.

Are you looking to achieve high quality codes in extrusion applications, even when working with difficult-to-print materials? Are you looking to minimize downtime from material or product changeovers, and maximize return on investment?

Meet Domino’s Extrusion Ink Coding Station – a solution for extrusion applications, printing on uncut products with diameters of 0.8 to 50mm or 20 to 250mm at speeds of up to 500m/min.

Domino’s innovative and unique Extrusion Ink Coding Station is a modular and expandable coding and marking solution from one single source, for small or large extrusion products including cables, wires, pipes or tubes. Coding on most difficult-to-print extrusion materials can be supported by various pre- and post-treatment systems.

Domino’s unique guidance system – encompassing a head mounting unit in combination with a product guiding unit – helps to provide seamless product handling and disturbance-free lump and knot transfer.